Wednesday, 2 January 2013

dutch shipping containers

so this may seem like a strange posting : dutch shipping containers however, there is a story.
a while back i art directed a kids shoot in marfa, tx. and at the end of a long, hot wonderful day we ended up shooting at el cosmico  - a modern day trailer park. it just so happened that our stylist  had my son ( one of our key models) dressed perfectly in coordination with my husband and the shipping containers they had onsight for storage so we shot some great images of them. one ended up being the author photo for The O'Briens.
so - fast forward to this fall and we are living in Wasseaar, NL. as i biked past my son's favorite skatebaan one afternoon, i noticed these shipping containers on a construction sight and they were painted exactly the same as the ones we had as background in texas. so now i know where they came from, a strange coincidence.
in the netherlands, space is a premium and they are the kings of recycling so naturally they inovatively use these containers for student housing, pop up stores, exhibiton spaces, low income housing -  you name it.
in our hometown in maine there is an amazing house made up from 12 of these shipping containers, see the ny times or Maine Magazine pieces on this architectural wonder.
additionally - while researching a bit about these containers i was reminded of the nomadic museum that i visited in nyc in 2005 and santa monica the following year. it housed the ashes & snow exhibit by
photograpgher/filmaker gregory colbert - it was quite memorable.
i am thinking i'd like to have one behind my house as my studio but not live in one

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