Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Camus + Finding Light In Winter Nights

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. 
Albert Camus

      How timely I find this quote - as I write this blogpost on the heels of my last, about summer + sailing + maine.
      For this post, I found that I needed to give myself a homework assignment, to take a photo of winter;  the cold, the white, the darkness, the landscape, compelling myself to embrace it, enjoy it, find beauty in this season. As its turns out - it was not at all difficult to do so.
    The top left image I took last night ( fulfilling my self challenge) as I walked home across the Harvard Yard from an exceptional talk + reading that Colm Toibin gave at the Harvard Art Museum. He was engrossing, incredibly intelligent, comical, such a gifted reader - performer- orator....
    The snow falling across a streetlamp, with Memorial Hall 's Victorian Gothic tower behind.
    The next image I took while biking home across a Charles River bridge from Back Bay to Cambridge. I was star struck by the lights.
     Then of course - Marfa. The courthouse during the holiday season - it always gets me. Local businesses + individuals pitch in to help pay for the extra cost to the town. Strong community spirit - and so worth it, so Marfa....
Next to that - my son evoking the snow imagery- at the immersive-interactive show : What A Loving and Beautiful World. Teamlab at Radcliffe  We visited (and interacted!) with that show many, many times....
     Below, on left,  the Latent Escapes a permanent landscape installation also at Radcliffe. Then again Marfa - Eugene Binder Gallery on Christmas eve. So welcoming,  how the illuminated interior welcomes us thru the open garage door.
    As it turns out, this creative Leo's inspiration was right there, even in the depths of winter.