Saturday, 18 January 2014

vintage cars & food shark

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a MARFA phenomenon.
fabulous food, a fun scene and an added bene - seen here - adam's vintage car collection seen around town. 
and recently added: Future Shark
for an amazing collection of photos related to all of adam & kristas adventures & ventures, HERE and for another car-obsessed-part-time-marfa-residents' 
(and my husband) blog, HERE

Thursday, 16 January 2014

m a r f a (shop)

"Here you will see a real cowboy and a major work of art in the same afternoon." 
( quote from elcosmico's website - so aptly put)
this post is about shops in this sweet little town that i hold near & dear. i rarely "go 
 shopping"  except for groceries when i am there but there is no lack of unique, locally made ( or from mexico or beyond) things to bring home with you. i am continuously struck by the spaces & displays & architecture & aesthetic of each shop or store or gallery - so marfa. so unexplainable. so magic.

     shopping in marfa is a bit hit or miss. not because there isn't plenty to buy or see but you may hit the town on a mon. or tues. or even an unusual holiday - and nothing is open. one place that seems to open when others may not be,  is the marfa book company. it has an incredible collection of hard-to-find art books, new fiction, lannan writers works and much more. there is a huge, open light filled art space in the back and usually a well regarded show. ( i once took yoga classes back there when all the walls were painted in a black & white modernist mural - amazing to look at but the antithesis of zen )
       mirth  - the newest project of maiya's ( owner of maiyas restaurant and the get go)  i stumbled upon on my most recent visit. it is a beautifully laid out, austere but with a specific, sophisticated curated feel. i feel in love with these abstract paintings ( above)  by anne marie nafziger. simple, large stunning. they have functional items ( i bought an array of glassware) as well as "objets" for the home.
    tienda m - now owned by the founder of dosa, christina kim. it is a stunning, space filled with locally made pieces ( ceramics,my friend gingers marfa brand soap, textiles) ,  the dosa line of clothing, housewares and mexican handmade crafts & goods...
   other  FABULOUS marfa shops - freda, cobra rock, wrong, and all the gift stores at the thunderbird hotel & el cosmico & paisano....and hopfully i haven't left any out. (galleries & food shark posts will be next)  
GO VISIT & shop locally & support the wonderfully creative community.