Friday, 27 September 2013

bateaux { boat, ship, dinghy}

as we head into fall, i am  looking back at some of my favorite photos from june, july & august.
this particular summer was filled with amazing experiences on the maine coast in BATEAUX - boats of all kinds, sizes, shapes and makes. we rowed, sailed, cruised, raced, towed, floated, name it, we did it. slept on many, took friends out, hit rocks, had close calls with other vessels, rescued others,  had picnics & cocktails many a day and evening.
one highlight  was cruising with our berlin friends about their gannon & benjamin built classic sloop, painted black - elegant. another was teaching myself to sail a bettlecat ( NOT easy) and then race it at our local club with my son.
one particularly fun experience was being with girlfriends in a recently launched vintage lake cruiser ( see yellow boat above). it hadn't been in the water for 20 years. while cruising around it was taking on water at a rapid pace and seawater was sloshing around our ankles....we nervously giggled and just kept on going.
maine has 5,500 miles of coastline and about 2000 islands- we are doing our best to get out there and appreciate it .

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

brouillard. fog.

brouillard: french word for fog, mist, haze, murk, curtain, fogginess.
lately i have been feeling a bit "hazey" myself, be it the seasonal change, a new home, the harvest full moon, a combination of things - and i decided to kick start my way out of this by getting back to basha's oog blog posts. so here i am.
this summer i happened to be down by the ocean on a few particularly foggy mornings. the beauty that the fog created by making certain colors pop was breathtaking. it was sometimes like looking at a black & white photograph with just one or two parts in color. ( the blue of the boston whaler in the harbor boats image - an example) or the mystery, unknowingness that the fog implied like the dock above that seemed to end nowhere. somewhere. who knows where.
autumn has arrived. the sun is sparkly and has a very different quality than in summer. i am snapping into focus & clarity. the winds and cooler air have arrived - and fog is rare...