Tuesday, 24 September 2013

brouillard. fog.

brouillard: french word for fog, mist, haze, murk, curtain, fogginess.
lately i have been feeling a bit "hazey" myself, be it the seasonal change, a new home, the harvest full moon, a combination of things - and i decided to kick start my way out of this by getting back to basha's oog blog posts. so here i am.
this summer i happened to be down by the ocean on a few particularly foggy mornings. the beauty that the fog created by making certain colors pop was breathtaking. it was sometimes like looking at a black & white photograph with just one or two parts in color. ( the blue of the boston whaler in the harbor boats image - an example) or the mystery, unknowingness that the fog implied like the dock above that seemed to end nowhere. somewhere. who knows where.
autumn has arrived. the sun is sparkly and has a very different quality than in summer. i am snapping into focus & clarity. the winds and cooler air have arrived - and fog is rare...

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