Wednesday, 20 March 2013

snow white

today is the vernal equinox-  THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING and we are  recovering from yesterdays snow day . the vernal quinox means that now days and nights are approximately equal everywhere and the sun rises & sets due east and due west. during yesterdays storm i made myself get outside into the snow and take a few walks in hopes of some beautiful photo opportunties. it was too blustery for much but i did find some wonderful natural textures like these snow covered twigs.
i was lead back to an all white still life i made one day at home with barnacles, porcupine quills ( that my son & husband graciously collected from roadkill), local farm eggs, yarn & twine - all set into a white glazed dish i made at a friends pottery studio. the white pitchers are from an interiors shoot i got to work on with photographer marjon hoogervorst while in the netherlands.
the snow white landscape is quite beautiful and all looks so clean and austere - but i am ready for spring & green.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

green. vert. groen

little hints that spring is coming; the grass, the mud, the wet  & the little bits of promising green here & there.
i am reminded that winter in holland is so MILD compared to the northeastern usa and that one
sees grass, GREEN grass almost all winter long. the tree shot was taken on our christmas holiday to
the north of holland. it was taken in Drowen. the vintage volvo was seen on the same trip on the streets of Groningen, a charming city...i just love the boxy simplicity of this model and could imagine
owning one of these. i have to admit, i am missing the daily sight of so many wonderful vintage cars - in the netherlands i saw a few a day - it makes you pine.
the swans and train shot were taken right near our house in wassenaar on my favorite bike route along a canal.
spring is coming.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

m u l t i c o l o r & k i d s

color color color kids kids kids.
just back from working on a kids shoot in texas ( lucky me!)
 so much energy & fun & silliness & hard work.
the clothes were vibrant & patterned & inspired.
only two images are from my shoot the others i took recently around town. ( the one of the little one with his back turned..i had to laugh as he was trying to sneak off set thru a teeny space where the set met the wall)
others:   * at my house, birthday party dutch verjaardag paper garland. my mom always had these for our birthday parties growing up. i keep this one up as it spruces up a maine winter interior
* pillows & lime painted wall at a friends house as well as the index cards - recipes from the 1970's in a clear acrylic box.