Tuesday, 5 March 2013

m u l t i c o l o r & k i d s

color color color kids kids kids.
just back from working on a kids shoot in texas ( lucky me!)
 so much energy & fun & silliness & hard work.
the clothes were vibrant & patterned & inspired.
only two images are from my shoot the others i took recently around town. ( the one of the little one with his back turned..i had to laugh as he was trying to sneak off set thru a teeny space where the set met the wall)
others:   * at my house, birthday party dutch verjaardag paper garland. my mom always had these for our birthday parties growing up. i keep this one up as it spruces up a maine winter interior
* pillows & lime painted wall at a friends house as well as the index cards - recipes from the 1970's in a clear acrylic box.

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