Wednesday, 20 March 2013

snow white

today is the vernal equinox-  THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING and we are  recovering from yesterdays snow day . the vernal quinox means that now days and nights are approximately equal everywhere and the sun rises & sets due east and due west. during yesterdays storm i made myself get outside into the snow and take a few walks in hopes of some beautiful photo opportunties. it was too blustery for much but i did find some wonderful natural textures like these snow covered twigs.
i was lead back to an all white still life i made one day at home with barnacles, porcupine quills ( that my son & husband graciously collected from roadkill), local farm eggs, yarn & twine - all set into a white glazed dish i made at a friends pottery studio. the white pitchers are from an interiors shoot i got to work on with photographer marjon hoogervorst while in the netherlands.
the snow white landscape is quite beautiful and all looks so clean and austere - but i am ready for spring & green.

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