Friday, 21 December 2012


new york.
last week i left holland to take a trip back to the states. ( now i am back in NL) i was struck by how incredibly beautiful the recently snow covered dutch landscape was thru the plane window. as we ascended, it became even more beautiful and the ocean ( see above photo) looked like it was glowing...
golden and heavenly looking. it was hard to leave
i arrived in nyc ( where i lived for a stint in the early 2000's) and it rained for the first few days but i still ran along the west side hwy park and walked the highline. i think this is my favorite place to go nowadays, especially early am and late afternoon when there are no crowds. ( middle photos) the view from my window in the west village ( thank you H & J)  serendipitously looked out at a typical dutch brick building, possibly from the 17th or 18th century, that could be one you see in holland quite often
i had a very nyc experience, one that is hard to put into words, suffice it to say, it was mezmorizing, memorable, fun  and so peaceful.  i encourage anyone in nyc over the next few weeks to go see Ann Hamilton's "event of a thread"  installation at the Park Ave Armory. you will enter the armory, leave the city behind and emerge inspired, relaxed and smiling......
nyc, i miss you but its always so immensely enjoyable to come back and visit.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


decided to do another post on AMSTERDAM with a few more of my favorite spots
 * Museumplein - spend time here even if you have no intentions of going to a museum or if you, like me, have a one museum a day max but your traveling companion wants to hit is a wonderful open park with a skatebaan, cafes, a huge green lawn, a pond that people skate on in the winter and amazing people watching. this is where  the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum (the collection is currently housed in the Hermitage museum), Stedelijk Museum, and the  concert building Concertgebouw are located. 
( the photo of H & i was taken here as well as the woman sitting on top off the letters  M & S,  perfectly color coordinated)
* Cafe De Jaren -  a cafe‑restaurant  that occupies a rather enormous former bank. it is situated on a canal with gorgeous views, the ceilings are unusually high and flooring is multicolored tiled mosaic. it is said to be:  " fashionable without being pretentious." they have the best assortment of magazines, newpapers, they offer free wifi and its always buzzing with people working onlaptops or just relaxing.
just over a nearby canal is  the famous * Droog  "concept" store filed with dutch design ( including gorgeous woodburning stoves for sale) . i love the beauty shop upstairs and the cafe. 
* Haarlemmerstraat - such a fun street for window shopping, eating, or hitting the "coffee shops" of which there are plenty.
* Foam  which is an extensive photography center, with classes, exhibits,  a museum - i recently saw a Diane Arbus show there.
* westergasfabriek park where i saw the Unseen Photo Fair earlier this fall 
( these are the photos of photo-billboards - stunning)
more  AMSTERDAM  soon

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


amsterdam - its an extremely urban yet feels-like-a-cozy-village city. i could never cover it in one post - so here are just a few of my favorite images & places,  focused mainly on the centrum close to jordaan & westerpark where i keep returning again and again.
love the gasfbriek & westerpark - the old water & gas works buildings restored and now used for events. they house a cinema, nightclub/jazz club, restaurants, cafes and events spaces. huge green park space too.  i love de bakkerswinkel for breakfast or lunch. amazing bakery & wonderful people watching with a lively & creative interior. 
the sailboat is an original ship model ( from 1600's) used for building and equipping naval ships and instructing their crew. it is housed in the rijks museum collection of historical objects. a "must see" but go early and on a weekday
the car & the dog in a bikebasket - these are just some of the koooky, fun, unexpected things one will stumble upon when walking around amsterdam.....the canals and architecture alone compel me to go into amsterdam about once a week to just take it all in.