Tuesday, 4 December 2012


amsterdam - its an extremely urban yet feels-like-a-cozy-village city. i could never cover it in one post - so here are just a few of my favorite images & places,  focused mainly on the centrum close to jordaan & westerpark where i keep returning again and again.
love the gasfbriek & westerpark - the old water & gas works buildings restored and now used for events. they house a cinema, nightclub/jazz club, restaurants, cafes and events spaces. huge green park space too.  i love de bakkerswinkel for breakfast or lunch. amazing bakery & wonderful people watching with a lively & creative interior. 
the sailboat is an original ship model ( from 1600's) used for building and equipping naval ships and instructing their crew. it is housed in the rijks museum collection of historical objects. a "must see" but go early and on a weekday
the car & the dog in a bikebasket - these are just some of the koooky, fun, unexpected things one will stumble upon when walking around amsterdam.....the canals and architecture alone compel me to go into amsterdam about once a week to just take it all in. 

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