Friday, 21 December 2012


new york.
last week i left holland to take a trip back to the states. ( now i am back in NL) i was struck by how incredibly beautiful the recently snow covered dutch landscape was thru the plane window. as we ascended, it became even more beautiful and the ocean ( see above photo) looked like it was glowing...
golden and heavenly looking. it was hard to leave
i arrived in nyc ( where i lived for a stint in the early 2000's) and it rained for the first few days but i still ran along the west side hwy park and walked the highline. i think this is my favorite place to go nowadays, especially early am and late afternoon when there are no crowds. ( middle photos) the view from my window in the west village ( thank you H & J)  serendipitously looked out at a typical dutch brick building, possibly from the 17th or 18th century, that could be one you see in holland quite often
i had a very nyc experience, one that is hard to put into words, suffice it to say, it was mezmorizing, memorable, fun  and so peaceful.  i encourage anyone in nyc over the next few weeks to go see Ann Hamilton's "event of a thread"  installation at the Park Ave Armory. you will enter the armory, leave the city behind and emerge inspired, relaxed and smiling......
nyc, i miss you but its always so immensely enjoyable to come back and visit.

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