Wednesday, 16 January 2013

bethel. part two

bethel weekend : part 2.
one of our  returning-to-the-states-and-trying-to-embrace-winter activities is cross country skiing.
seeing as this winter we are skipping marfa, our usual winter spot, we are doing our best to get outdoors and enjoy what the season has to offer.
 i've always loved nordic skiing in maine and decided my son, age six is the perfect age to learn.
so we brought our previously owned, used skis ( bought here) to bethel and skiied both days across a gorgeous, expansive lake  - right out in front of our friend's home. we managed to meet up with a family ice fishing and arrived just when this beautiful bass was being caught. the yellow perch came shortly after. so no, i have not taken up ice fishing but i am intrigued and loved the whole scene......
especially bitter sweet was when the kids leaned down to look closer at the just-caught bass and my son said : "mom, its still breathing!"

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