Thursday, 24 January 2013

m a r f a . s h a d o w s

shadows on the wall.
a few winters ago we began renting a wonderful house in marfa that had adobe walls surrounding the backyard. every evening around 5 pm the sun would be beginning to set and i realized i could create these silhouettes against the walls. i began doing them with my son . we incorporated all his toys; skateboard, plastic swords, bow & arrow, cowboy hats - whatever we could find.... eventually it began to involve friends ( among them & pictured above writer daphne beal and L.A  artist susan carter hall ) who happened to be there at the right time. sometimes for cocktails, or an early dinner or a spontaneous visit or playdate.
last febuary penelope green came to do a story on  PHB, my husband and his about-to-be published novel,  for the NY Times Home  section. shortly after her visit the nytimes photgrapher tony cenicola came to document the story and included one these shadow pictures. ( thats his tripod pictured in the upper right photo)
i have continued to make these against sails while sailing penobscot bay and even on the doors & walls of our wassenaar, NL rental apt. but they never had the impact that these do. its that famous MARFA LIGHT  which i am missing quite dramatically right now as we endure the below freezing temps of the east coast.

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