Wednesday, 30 January 2013

marfa k i d s

so one thing i have recently realized is that i am a follower of the sun and light.
i loved the netherlands but the weather was tough. i will be honest. a leo like me needs SUN.
so now i am stateside, living on the east coast and we have been enduring a fairly typical winter with very cold temperatures.( it just occurred to me that i have not spent a whole winter here for perhaps 8 years!)
and i am a bit in shock. i am fully embracing the season by c.c skiing & hockey skating with the neighborhood kids...i even insist on shoveling our long driveway myself.
HOWEVER i find myself going back thru all my photos from places sunny & warm.
i am missing MARFA where we usually decamp to for the winter months.
so here is a quickie collage i made to revel in my time there. these images were from a kids shoot i dreamed up & art directed & produced in texas.
if you can - GO WEST. go to texas. go to marfa. get out into the light....for me.

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