Friday, 28 September 2012

roze. rose. pink

bright hot pink has always been a favorite color of mine. the dutch use it everywhere, including on trains, bikes, cars...i saw this pink fiat in amsterdam last week. i was struck by the juxstaposition of the typical dutch architecture and the modern car. ( but SO VERY TYPICAL here) pink bikes are a very common sight and kids here delight in decorating their bikes with very functional pink baskets  & plastic flowers.
a welcome discovery at unseen ( already mentioned in my post BLAUW) was was the work of  Tina Berning & Michelangelo Di Battista  - their collaborative face project ( she is an artist, he a photographer) was a intriguing hybrid of fashion photography and painting/drawing/colage. The two artists met for the first time on a photo shoot for VOGUE ITALIA in the summer of 2007 and began collaborating. 
the crazy photo of brightly colored headphones on the bottom left was from a ceiling installation at MERCI in paris. an incredible "concept" store with a twist - they donate % 100 of their profits to charitable causes. ( they were the founders of Bonpoint)  there are housewares, books, fashion and lots of other goodies...the visuals & displays are worth the trek.
see here for great photos & indepth description.
do YOU see pink in your daily life? if so,..leave me a comment.

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  1. Loving on the color collages. You have an artist's eye!