Friday, 14 September 2012

HUIS { maison} {home}

                                  HUIS   {house. home. place. family. premises}
             thinking a lot about the differences between my huis here
             in the netherlands and my home in the states. the simplicty
             of the layout & the materials within the interior ( lots of white 
             laminate!), the furnishings, the integrity of the overall design, the fact          
             that nothing is actually ours with the exception of a few personal 
             items, mostly clothes. 
             luckily i brought some small art supplies and have been
             decorating with our own artwork to try and personalize things a bit.
             but honestly i am loving the austerity and the freedom it allows us.
             and - i must be honest - I LOVE WHITE, so i lucked out (as you can
             see from my huis photos).

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