Monday, 24 September 2012


on sunday we were invited to attend the dutch polo masters in vreeland. what an exciting sport - and fascinating scene all around. it was a blustery day but it did not deter the crowds from drinking their
veuve cliquot and cheering for theirs friends, family & teams.
our host plays polo so lucky for us we had a play-by-play explanation of what was happening. i was entranced, very excited ( we sat SO close) and completely fascinated.
the ponies ( all from argentina) were gorgeous and strong.
the players hailed from argentina, new zealand but were predominantly dutch.
apparently polo has only been an organized sport in the netherlands since 1988 - at least thats when the first club began. now there are several, the largest & oldest one in our lovely town of wassenaar.
this sunday my son & i will go to see the ladies play at our local club.
if you get a chance - go see a match - you will not regret it.

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