Tuesday, 11 September 2012

oranje. orange

     Orange is EVERYWHERE here is holland and is actually the color of the Dutch Royal

     family. The lineage of the current dynasty - the House of Oranje-Nassau - dates back to
     Willlem van Oranje, dating back to 1544. and in doing a little looking around i discovered 
     that the current Prince of Oranje lives right here in Wassenaar with his wife, the princess   
     and their three children.
     My oranje sightings will continue daily as i mentioned before - its everywhere you look - 
     cars, boats, bikes, postal boxes, at cafes, doorways, floral shops ( where all the pots &  
     flowers are color coordinated)...and once i start to see a color - i can't seem to NOT see it.
     more ORANJE soon.


  1. i know someone with a nice orange truck ;)

    (maybe she needs to cross the pond..and make it into one of these photo - collages....)