Thursday, 6 September 2012

geel. jaune. yellow

the light is still late summer - early fall. bright & clear. bright yellow sun.
this week has involved a solo bike trip to leiden,  (its a mere 30 min ride) , an inspiring, very academic evening at NIAS ( the reason we are here ) a lot of kid care ( sick son home from school) and more town & beach exploration. its been relatively warm and evenings at the beach are a must while the weather holds.
one highlight of my week is the local outdoor market where i discovered a gouda type cheese with caraway seeds which we love. this was its wrapping Boerenkass - and Boer means 'farmer' and kaas means 'cheese'. Seems simple - but hidden behind that straightforward name is what holland's cheese is really all about and this one falls into the category of cheeses that have been hand-made on the farm using pure unpasterised milk from the farm's own herds. its delicious.
still taking it all in.
tonight  just home from my son's school - information for parents night ( i barely understood a word!) . trying to learn my dutch numbers, days, months, as many words as possible,  and using them daily......
ik ben blij

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