Monday, 29 October 2012

mengelmoes { mishmash. hodgepodge}

mengelmoes. ( love this word, now need to learn to pronounce it correctly)
this post is a bit of a visual hodgepodge, a mishmash, snipppets from my week. 
i was fortunate enough to go on location with dutch interiors photographer marjon hoogervorst  and see how the dutch do it (same as we do, only in a more simplified fashion)
she and her stylist femke were lovely to work with. to get inside some of these homes and apts - what a treat for a curious cat like myself. (images of homes & stills)
the piled up books pic - i took this while visiting our author & artist friend marion bloem's home - imagine this times ten - that was one wall in her library. . . piled, stacked art books, non fiction & novels. obvious love of books. it made one want to sit and paw thru her collected treasures for hours.
other images: our neighbor/pirate, a courtyard, my favorite bike path thru the dunes of wassenaar.....

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