Monday, 8 October 2012

landschap {landscape}

.....couldn't decide if this post should have been vogelstand  {birds }  or landschap. the beauty of the dutch landscape does not seem to escape me on a daily basis. even when in rains, it almost always opens up to dramatic clouds & light. these photos i took in and around wassenaar & the neigboring seaside town of katjwik en zee. on one of my bikerides thru the dunes i encountered this flock of birds, sweeping & dashing & looking like clouds themselves. 
having only a bicycle for transport forces one to get out and see things at a level & depth you wouldn't when you jump into your car.
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  1. Have you seen the video of those birds? You will freak. Let me find it. -Molly

  2. I completely agree with you about the beauty of the Dutch landscape and the clouds and light after the rain. Holland really is a magical place.
    I'm so glad we can connect...maybe someday in person.
    And I love your photography.