Tuesday, 30 October 2012


               c o l l a g e s
it started in marfa, TX.  i had shipped all of my jewelry making tools & equipment one winter and none of it had arrived. to pass the time, i began making drawings of found wire. then i made them into collages.
since my arrival here in the netherlands, i have resumed making collages. i have been drawn to using text in various languages, cutting up paper "fashion" newspapers picked up in paris, leiden, amsterdam, wherever and combining those with my ink drawings..  i think missing my photo art direction career mixed with the thrill of hearing and attempting to speak a few languages  - its all come together. 
luckily i am fortunate enough to participate in a group show at one of my favorite spots on the planet - the perimeter gallery within chases daily in belfast maine.
stop on by if you are in vacationland in dec. or jan.

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