Thursday, 30 August 2012

zwart & wit. noir & blanc. black & white

this week  so far in a nutshell. 
many trips to our local beach, a mere 15 min. bike ride thru town and then along beautiful paths thru the dunes. the chalkboard menu/ drawing from a cafe nestled deep in the dunes - was so striking. so dutch.
H loves visiting a local farm with baby goats - here one of the curious moms. outside of his school - this funny ( very 70's era) sign in the pavement which traslates as : hound in gutter. 
we have had painters all week working on the exterior of our apt/townhouse. this is their cart. 
i think oranje  { orange!} might be next.


  1. Love that Chalkboard sign. Big waves at the beach?

  2. looking good, b. more adventures, please.