Tuesday, 28 August 2012

groen. vert. green

Ended up doing two photo collages for groen as the vintage Mercedes van was just too cool, it needed more attention. H's patagonia fleece & NB sneaks were serendipitously perfectly in sync with the color. plus he was just as excited about all the surf stickers as was his mom. this dutch surfer gets around. (i was just in SB working where  Channel Island Surfboards shop is located. plus Volcom  - our buddy bummy also happens to be sponsored by them) the astroturf step-seat at the back was perfect. the amount of wear & tear & rust reminded me of vehicles in maine.
in the top collage - the canal is right near our townhouse. i run or bike along it daily.
the tractor in the ocean was scooping up shells and dumping them in piles along the sandy beach. (why?) the bikes line the entrance to the beach, hundreds & hundreds of them on a weekend. the beautiful bushes & wall are right outside the entrance to my newly- found yoga studio - yogawise.

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  1. Love this blog and photos. IT just makes me happy :) The colors fly well from across the pond.