Saturday, 24 January 2015


Garza Marfa

jamie & constance = garza marfa. she creates the textiles, he makes the furniture. 
the photos speak for themselves. colorful. modern meets vintage, texas- trans pecos-mexico-meets dwell. 
i encountered their work 6 years ago, during our first season in Marfa  . exploring the town I happened upon their studio/compound. it's been thrilling to watch them develop their space/work/ business. 
as their website notes, they "debuted these designs at Health Ceramics Los Angeles location in 2012 and haven't looked back since."
their business really began when they created custom designs for austin's san jose hotel, then for the marfa thunderbird. they continue to outfit chic hotels, including the Ace and create custom work for clients' homes. they have had their share of press coverage. ( martha stewart feature, remodelista, texas monthly  ) What I most admire: they keep a relaxed, welcoming vibe in their marfa showroom and it's always a treat to stop by. the space is open and bright, rich with color and textures and fabulous things.
i own a few of constance's pieces , you can see them here in a ny times story on my novelist -husband. next purchase - a piece of their  sadle leather furniture - a must have.

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  1. Oh wow, everything looks terrific. I am in love with this interior. You know dear I have never seen such beautiful furniture here. At some domestic Chicago venues there is a popular crafting interior fest and I will be attending the show with my friends. I’m really excited!!