Wednesday, 2 October 2013

basha's bijoux {jewelry}

as i gear up for holiday & jewelry trunk shows - i always get excited to look thru images of my work to use in promos and invitations.
luckily - i can still use gorgeous shots that photographer friends ( seen here are 2 from shoshanna white)  have made over the years and combine them with my own more recent " point & shoot" images.
we have always used available light & simple, mostly natural materials for backgrounds.
i think its time to get a little dramatic. use lights. contrast. dark surfaces. i'll keep you posted....


  1. Just happily found your lovely blog. I live in Maine... I am curious how one would go about purchasing one of your beautiful pieces? I am in love w/ the golden band shown above, center. :)

  2. (originally seen on A Cup of Jo)